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Neitabond-FR A2

Neitabond-FR A2

NEITABOND A2 ACP is a new high security wall decorative fireproof material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbob resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.

NEITABOND FR A2 ACP is a composite panel which sandwiched by two layers of coating A1 skin and non-combustion core.

The decorative layer is coated with high performance PVDF system which supplied form KANAR 500 or HYLAR 5000 70% PVDF resin authorized paint company to ensure an excellent exterior durability while offer the multi-surface selections. These coating are finished on continuous process coil coating line, which make the color and gloss uniform are better than other coating process available in market.

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Neitabond-FR A2

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Soft white or bright red? Solid colours are always a good choice when a uniform appearance without special effects is required.

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Raw material:

Base material: High strength aluminum alloy sheet

PE core material: Non-combustion miner A2 grade

Surface coating: PVDF, Polyester, FEVE, Nano-PVDF, Spectra

Back coating: Primer coating

*Safe &Fire Resistant

ALMINE Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel reaches A2-s1, d0, t0 grade according to the national standard GB 8624-2006, with non-combustible inorganic core material, which will not get fire and then resist fire spread while a building gets fire.

*Environmentally Friendly

It meets the national standard on green and environment protection for construction materials with the characteristics of innocently, no halogen, no smoke, non combustible no poison, odorless, heat-and sound-insulating, etc

*Weather Resistant &Anti-pollution

Coated with PVDF which is composed of HYLR5000 or KYNAR5000.It is good anti-aing for oxygen and light-heat, Strong durability in high and low temperatures, waterproof and moisture proof.

Aluminum alloy AA1100  AA3003
Aluminum skin 0.21mm,0.30mm,0.35mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.5mm
Panel thickness 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
Panel width 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
Panel length 2440mm,3050mm,4050mm
Surface treatment PE&PVDF
Colors70 colors, special colors available upon request
Customers sizeaccepted

Panel width: ±2mm        

Panel length:±3mm

Panel thickness: ±0.2mm    

Panel diagonal: ≤5mm

Aluminum sheet thickness: ±0.02mm

The contrast of fire-resist performance in different countries

StandardChinaGermanyU.S.AFranceU.K JapanRussia
Burning DegreeGB/T8627DIN 4102ASTM E84BS 476 NFF 16-101JIS K691130244-94
FewA1,A2 NCM0 1T1
Normal B2B2B,C2,3M33T4
Serious B3B2
4M4, M5//

The level and combustion properties of names

Degree ItemDegreeItem
B1 Hard-combustionB3Combustion
DegreeMaterial The combustion performance indicators 
 None-combustionClass A Material

According to GB/t8625 test, the average length of the remaining≤35cm(Including any residual specimen ≥20cm) for each test and average flue gas temperature peak ≤150 ℃,no 

Specimen back burner the scene; According to GB/8627 

test,Their smoke density levels (SDR) ≤ 15;According to GB/T14002 and GB/T14403 test, its calorific Value ≤16.8M/  

Toxicity materials combustion flu gas of the entire non-lethal concentration of ≥ 25mg/L

Hard-combustion Class B1 MateriaAccording to GB/T8626 test, its combustion properties should be met GB/T8626,and does not allow any dropping of combustion Burn the filter paper;According to GB/8625 test, the average of each specimen remaining length ≥ 15cm(Including any residual specimen Length ≥0cm),and average peak temperature of gas ≤ 200℃ In each test According to GB/8627 test, their smoke density level (SOR)≤75