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Brand construction  Identification:
  Brand identification is a core element of brand image, which is also a symbol of brand spirit and embodiment of brand value.
  Core element of brand vision provides effective ways for Xingda Aluminum Plastic to publicize uniqueness of its products and services, with continuous and correct application through various publicity ways. Therefore, its brand advantages and values are built and expressed better, which stand out from competitors.
  Identification paraphrasing:
The identification subject is “Xing”, simple, convenient for identifying and remembering, and unique.
  Identification mould is created from the concept of outwardly gentle but inwardly stern. It has been essence of Chinese culture since ancient times. It not only embodies enterprise culture but also implies business philosophy.
  Arrow indicates shortcut and high-efficiency services.

Brand construction

  Red is infectious, which represents enthusiasm and progressiveness and embodies the spirit of sustainable improvement of Xingda Aluminum Plastic; red reveals luck and decency in Chinese culture; and at the same time, red stands for positive, optimistic, sincere, initiative, and warm spirit.

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Brand construction



Brand constructionBrand construction